Repair Hydraulic Cylinders

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  • Excellent Service

    Please accept this letter as a token of appreciation or gratitude towards the excellent service that Diotte Hydraulic has been supplying us over the last year. Sontrac highly recommends Diotte Hydraulic to anyone in the business.

    Feel free to give out our name for any reference moving forward.

    Denis Desjardins
  • Tremendous Support

    Your employee Sylvain has been a tremendous support and help to me and to Dew Engineering in the past 3-4 weeks in regards to outfitting hydraulic components for our DND customer.
    His professionalism and expertise in the field has been invaluable to me and has made my present task here so much easier.
    He has allowed us not only to continue with our testing and validation but it also resulted in significant savings not only to Dew but also to our customer.

    Tim Ford
    Dew Engineering
  • Great Staff

    We have always received good service from Diotte’s Hydraulics. The staff has always met our expectations. The products are an exceptional value, in stock and delivered the next day.